A Message From Our Chairman

The Loudoun Laurels has held a special place in my heart since Randy Kelley first invited me to join its Founders’ Committee.

While the organization was new, its mission, to elevate outstanding individuals and establish a powerful sense of community, struck me as timeless.

No community has any greater resource than the citizens upon which it is built, and to honor those citizens that give of themselves, for neither reward nor recognition, seemed, simply, the right and just thing to do.

To show appreciation and gratitude for those who give and serve, then give some more.

To say ‘thank you.’

But as I witnessed, firsthand, the power of the Laurels to bring together such a remarkable group of community leaders, real stewards, in the truest sense of the word, of what makes this such an incredible place to live and work and raise a family, I began to think that saying ‘thank you’ wasn’t enough.

These men and women, these stewards, these champions of all that’s right with Loudoun, are too exceptional, too talented, too gifted, too knowledgeable.

So I asked them to give some more.

And they said yes, once again.

It is my great pleasure to announce the establishment of the Loudoun Laurels Stewardship Trust, a partnership between the Loudoun Laurels and the Loudoun County Public Schools to seek out and support those students who demonstrate an early understanding of the importance of commitment to their community.

The Loudoun Laurels, our leadership and our Laureates, commit to giving of ourselves to these students through mentorship programs, beyond the classroom opportunities and, starting in 2013, financial support for continuing education following high school.

We believe, strongly, that a committed citizenry has no greater obligation than of that to its children, and we are excited to have this opportunity to share the lessons learned and ideals personified by our Laureates with the future leaders of Loudoun and beyond.

I am honored to lead this next step in the evolution of the Loudoun Laurels, indebted to the men and women who’ve made this work possible, and humbled to those who have, once again, answered their community’s call to serve.

Joe May

Chairman, The Loudoun Laurels